Trevon Branch Robotics Camp

A robotics camp in Maryland directed by Trevon Branch

​Campers will engineer and program several innovative TETRIX & EV3  robots.

Campers learn EV3 programming.

Campers compete in fun competitions   (Bluetooth/game controlled robots)

Campers can learn RobotC programming (For older students) 

​Campers test their new programming skills with real robots.


Published by Trevon branch robot games, Leadership engineering and City construction.

Trevon Moehrig Branch students use robots to learn the basics of C and C+ programming. It may not always be fun to learn to code until you play with a robot. The ROBOTC language uses processing and commands that are almost identical to the “C” code that programmers use across the world. They become experts at using technology. Young programmers will have fun while they discover how to make their robot move around a robotic challenge board. Discovering today's answers requires the problem-solving skills of computer programmers. This is a great introduction to the world of computer programming. Kids have tremendous fun engineering and coding with their robots. Join us for this fun STEM Class. New locations throughout Maryland. They learn leadership skills and have fun engineering, programming, and coding Lego and Tetrix robots. They engineer cities and take turns serving as the leader of a particular facet of their project.

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